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Hi, my name is Lisa Bellamy
and this is my story  

LRallying to save Kariong Bushlands

Jake Cassar speaks to me about running for office

What will I tell my children, grandchildren?

LTaking Action and being Pro active

"I originally decided to run in this election, not because I thought I could win, but to raise awareness and get some action from our sitting MP on environmental issues."


Since starting this campaign I have become aware of other challenges facing our community, including the lack of consultation and transparency in government decisions that affect us.  


I know what it is like to live in lack, both financially and in self-esteem. 


I have personally overcome some of life’s more challenging hurdles. 


Which has given me a huge understanding and empathy for individuals in our community and the challenges we are all facing on a day-to-day basis. 


I believe we need local solutions for local issues. 


These answers can only come from individuals in our community with a knowledge and love of the Central Coast. 


I decided to  run in this election as I felt I was left with no choice.   


It came to my attention that our current leaders are not standing up for our precious planet, particularly with issues concerning our local environment. 


The last straw for me was witnessing huge, old, habitat trees being cut down and wood chipped to make way for a road in Mt Penang parklands. With a bit of imaginative planning, these trees could easily have been saved. 


I then learnt of the planned housing development on Woy Woy Rd at Kariong, on a bushland site that is supposed to be protected by its zoning – E2 environmental conservation. 


Looking around me I realised that our current leaders, despite, their talk of sustainability,  live ability,  biodiversity, and emission targets, were standing by and allowing, what is left of our wild places, our green spaces, our native habitat, was being destroyed. 


My immediate thought was, how can I face my grandkids in years to come when they ask me, “How could you let that happen? 


Why didn’t you stop them cutting down the last of our native habitat?” 


I decided I did not want to be the type of person that sees there is a problem, complains, points the finger, expecting someone else to fix it. 


I felt a strong impulse to stand up, speak up and fight for what I truly believe is important. 


Saving our natural bushland and the trees we have left in our suburbs is important!  


I believe that I can make a difference by speaking up about important issues, like saving our planet.


I also believe in the ripple in the pond effect. As more and more of us come together and stand up in our communities for what we believe in, then, meaningful change will happen.


Change in attitudes, in policy and legislation, a change that will see our precious planet protected. Then, I can say to my children and my grandchildren, and my great grandchildren , I stood up for what I believed, and it made a difference.


If I can then we all can. If anyone ever asked me, what qualifies me to run as a candidate for Gosford. This is what I would say –


"I KNOW the Central Coast, Gosford area in particular. I have lived here for over 40 years.


"In that time, I have attended high school in the area, I have had three children in Gosford Hospital, I have accessed community services like the Wyoming Woman’s Health Centre, and  Family Support Services when I was a teenage mother, and again in later years when I reached out for support  to help me deal with domestic violence."


"I have been homeless on the Central Coast and I was on the public housing list for eleven years before I thankfully received public housing on the Central Coast."


"Since those days, I have rented privately on the Central Coast and now am paying off a mortgage and I fully understand all the challenges involved with that, including rising council rates, interest rates and the cost of living.


I lined up at Centrelink in Gosford when I was unemployed. I have also been employed on the Central Coast and I have run a small business on the Central Coast. I have commuted daily on the M1 from the Central Coast. I have relied on public transport on the Central Coast, and I have been a road user on the Central Coast. My children all attended preschools and public schools on the Central Coast. My children and I have received our trade qualifications from Gosford TAFE. One of my son’s travelled to Newcastle to obtain his degree from University of Newcastle. My two grandchildren live on the Central Coast and attend public school and swimming lessons and gymnastics here. My elderly parents still live on the Central Coast, so I am aware of what is available and not available for our older people of this area. I KNOW the Central Coast. The Gosford area in particular, because that is where I have spent most of my time! THAT is what qualifies me to run as an Independent Candidate for Gosford.

Why you should vote for me?

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When I first decided to run in this election, my goal was to raise awareness about environmental issues and push for action from our sitting MP.


But as I've campaigned, I've come to realize that our community faces many challenges beyond just environmental concerns.


  • There's a lack of transparency and consultation in government decisions that affect us, and many individuals in our community are struggling financially and emotionally.

  • I believe that local issues require local solutions, and I'm running for office because I feel compelled to fight for the changes I believe are necessary.


  • I've been deeply troubled by the destruction of our natural habitats, such as the cutting down of old trees in Mt Penang parklands and the planned housing development on protected bushland in Kariong.


  • I don't want to be the kind of person who simply complains and points fingers. Instead, I want to stand up, speak out, and work towards meaningful change.

  • I'm convinced that each of us has the potential to make a difference by speaking up about important issues and coming together to push for change.


  • I'm running for office because I want to be a part of that change, and I believe that the knowledge and love I have for the Central Coast and Gosford area, where I have lived for over 40 years, qualify me to serve as an Independent Candidate.

  • I've experienced firsthand the challenges that many members of our community face, from accessing community services and public housing to running a small business and dealing with rising costs of living.


  • I've commuted daily on the M1, relied on public transportation, and sent my children to preschools and public schools in the area. I've received my trade qualifications from Gosford TAFE and have a son who earned his degree from the University of Newcastle.

  • All of these experiences have given me a deep understanding and empathy for individuals in our community who face challenges on a daily basis.


  • I'm running for office because I believe that I can make a difference, and that my voice and actions can help protect our natural environment, improve transparency and consultation in government decisions, and address the needs of our community.


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