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Endangered species and vital habitat at risk

We are asking the community to take six steps to make it known you want the bushland at Kariong  Sacred Lands protected from clearing
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The Proposal

A planning proposal to rezone land to build a housing estate on an environmentally and culturally important site on Woy Woy Rd at Kariong, NSW.

The site is currently zoned C2 - Environmental Conservation - the highest protection outside of a National Park

The proposal is to re-zone this area to allow for a cut and fill style subdivision to make way for residential housing lots.

A test case to grease the way for environmental destruction

The property was Crown Land that has been claimed by the Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council under the NSW Land Rights Act.

The state government have created new legislation to make it easier for Aboriginal Land Councils to 'unlock land'.

This means streamlining the process to claim, re-zone and develop land, that would have been off limits previously.

Instead of going through local council approval processes the Darkinjung development plan can be ticked off by the minister for Dept of Environment and Planning.

Currently this site on Woy Woy Rd is the pilot for this legislation

Once this re-zoning and 'development' is allowed to go ahead, it will open the flood gates for other destructive developments to go ahead all over the Central Coast and NSW.

If an Aboriginal Land Council own the land, shouldn't they be allowed to do what they want with it?

The Local Aboriginal Land Council membership is ~750. Many of these members, including the executive, are not Traditional Owners. DLALC DO NOT represent the Traditional Owners of the Central Coast; the GuriNgai, Darkinoong, and Awabakal peoples

There is no such thing as Darkinjung Country or Darkinjung people...there is only a Darkinjung Land Council...despite the massive propaganda drive to the contrary

The local Traditional Owners of this area, the GuriNgai, are appalled by this development proposal and want to save this land

We stand with the Traditional Owners.

A Commitment To Action

The 'Save Kariong Sacred Land' action group will save this land for future generations

We will raise awareness about the environmental vandalism by a Local Aboriginal Land Council/developer that does not represent the Traditional Custodians

We believe in

* local solutions for local problems

* only local Traditional Owners of an area should make decisions for that area

* building strong local community

* the Land Rights Act being overturned to develop a better model for compensating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders for the wrongs done by white colonists

What is the issue?

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We need your help to save this land (and hectares of other bushland, if this proposed development is approved to go ahead).


*Our aim is to get as many submissions opposing the development as possible.

*We would also like the public to email Liesl Tesch, MP for Gosford, and David Harris, MP for the Central Coast to let them know how unpopular this development proposal is.

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We support the Indigenous-Aboriginal Party of Australia

The Indigenous-Aboriginal Party of Australia (IAPA) is a national Australia Electoral Commission (AEC) registered political party that holds governments to account. IAPA represent a diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and families around Australia, as well as concerned non-Indigenous people, who are taking local action in local electorates to put important Indigenous issues on the agenda.

Membership open to Indigenous and non-Indigenous members


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