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  • What is up for rezoning and why?
    A planning proposal to rezone land to build a housing estate on an environmentally and culturally important site on Woy Woy Rd at Kariong, NSW. ​ The site is currently zoned C2 - Environmental Conservation - the highest protection outside of a National Park The proposal is to re-zone this area to allow for a cut and fill style subdivision to make way for residential housing lots. Cut and Fill leaves no vegetation and all native habitat in the area is destroyed.
  • What impact will this development have on your environment and local community?
    Insert info from environmental scientists here
  • Are you against indigenous people?
    No, only against corporations destroying the environment for profit and greed
  • What exactly is the C2 zoning classification?
    Detailed information and links to C2 environmental zoning
  • Shouldn't indigenous people be able to do what they want with the land?
    The Local Aboriginal Land Council membership is ~750. Many of these members, including the executive, are not Traditional Owners. DLALC DO NOT represent the Traditional Owners of the Central Coast; the GuriNgai, Darkinoong, and Awabakal peoples There is no such thing as Darkinjung Country or Darkinjung people...there is only a Darkinjung Land Council...despite the massive propaganda drive to the contrary The local Traditional Owners of this area, the GuriNgai, are appalled by this development proposal and want to save this land We stand with the Traditional Owners. Add in Made up name,
  • Does the money Darkinjung makes from developing land go to all or disadvantaged indigenous people?
    No it doesnt
  • What are Darkinjung's future plans for crown land they have claimed?
    Link to plans Plans to develop all of the central coast.
  • Are Darkinjung the true traditional owners of the land? How long have they existed?
    No, the name was made up about 40 years ago
  • Have Darkinjung had other projects in the past like this? How did they turn out?
    A previous project of Darkinjung is here, Darkinjung were paid $42 million dollars for the land, it was rezoned and sold to a developer. Within a few years the money earmarked to help members of the land council was gone, lost in legal fees fighting over the very money that was lost. Australia ended up with important environmental lands lost for nothing.
  • What do your elected leaders think about this?
    Current local NSW state member Liesl Tesch (Labor) Lisa Bellamy Greens Member Liberal Member Independents
  • How to write a submission?
    This is the link to make a submission, Planning Portal Some relevant points you might consider mentioning in your submission point 1 point 2
  • How to contact Liesl Tesch
  • I support indigenous causes, do you recommend any organisations worthy of support?
    organisations here
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