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Hear the voices of local grassroots Traditional Custodians of the Central Coast.

Meet our local Indigenous Traditional Custodians and learn more about the history of the area we now call the Central Coast, at a premier screening of ‘An afternoon with Tracey Howie’ with plenty of time following for questions and discussion.

Central Coast local and Traditional Custodian, Tracey Howie will present the film screening where she is frank about her knowledge as Custodian of the lands we now live on. Tracey is a direct descendant of Warrior Bungaree and will speak of blood lines, her lineage, and Care for Country.

Tracey’s ancestor, Bungaree, was born in the Broken Bay area and is a notable part of local history and early Sydney. Bungaree was a skilled mariner and linguist and an effective mediator who lived over 200 years ago. He was the first known Aboriginal person to circumnavigate Australia with Matthew Flinders and contribute to the mapping of the Australian coastline. He aided in the voyage with Flinders by communicating with local Indigenous tribes and is a symbol of significant collaboration between Aboriginals and Europeans.

Following in her ancestors’ footsteps, Tracey is a skilled mediator and truth teller with a wealth of knowledge so this event will prove to be an exceptional opportunity to learn more about the history of the Central Coast and how we can move forward together as a community. In the current climate of the upcoming referendum, and with other issues currently impacting our Indigenous population, in Australia, and particularly our local area, this is the perfect opportunity to hear the voices of our Indigenous locals at a grassroots level.

Co-hosting the event will be other Traditional Custodians of the Central Coast who will be happy to field questions you may have about Custodianship, genealogy, Aboriginal lore, and the upcoming Referendum on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament. All questions will be welcomed as this event aims to divide the gaps of both our knowledge of our local Traditional Custodians and our relationship with them.

WHEN: Sunday 8 October, 2pm (film followed by conversation & questions with Tracey and other local Traditional Custodians)

WHERE: Green Point Community Centre AUDITORIUM (96 Koolang Rd, Green Point)

COST: $5:00 at door to go towards costs of room hire and film editing.

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Nov 06, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

You are amazing!!!!

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