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Urgent Action

A peaceful, family friendly demonstration will be held at 20 Blackwall Rd, Woy Woy 8 September 2023.

The women of the Central Coast will call upon Liesl Tesch MP for Gosford, as a woman to help protect Mother Earth. We will ask Liesl, once again, to table a motion in parliament to STOP the rezoning and subsequent development of 300 Woy Woy Rd, Kariong.

Bring your signs, bring your passion for the environment.

Speakers will provide information on why this land is so important to protect.

The next step the developers will take is to request rezoning from C2 (Environmental Conservation) to R2 (low density housing). We believe this will happen ~September/October this year.

Now is your chance to stand up for the natural environment on the Central Coast, as this cut and fill development is just the start of vital bushland being destroyed all over the Central Coast.

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