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Using biodiversity credits to excuse killing wildlife and habitat

Read this Fora and Fauna report. In summary, the proposal is to kill flora and fauna but use biodiversity credits to make up for this loss. What a sham, what a shameful and dodgy way to excuse destroying bushland. Once its gone, its gone moving a biodiversity credit to DLALC land at Somersby is NOT going to make up for it. Especially when those credits can be moved to another location when Reeves St Somersby is also bulldozed.

This link will take you to all the reports for Woy Woy Rd Kariong. Check the all out, including the Biodiversity Report.

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23 maj 2023

This is really important information to understand. Biodiversity credits are a sham and only benefit the developer, certainly not the environment. Is the way we are going to get to net zero?

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